1–3 John: A General Reader

1–3 John: A General Reader is a GlossaHouse Tier 3 Greek resource designed to build confidence in understanding Greek and to encourage the reading of the Greek New Testament. 

Any student who uses this book will be able to exercise and extend his or her beginning Greek education, see how grammatical and syntactical classifications affect meaning and translation in context, and read directly from the Greek New Testament.

Book Review by Charles Sullivan

Far too many Greek students who once spent heroic hours poring over paradigms and sweating over syntax can affirm this somber truth: ‘You lose what you do not use.’ 1-3 John: A General Reader seeks to prevent pupils from relinquishing what they have learned by navigating them through the text with footnotes that provide lexical aid and morphological help. Other footnotes introduce variants and assist the students in translation so that they can enjoy God’s Word all the more.
— Joseph R. Dodson, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Ouachita Baptist University